I think perhaps I don’t have as much to say about drinking, and quitting drinking, as I thought I did.  Everything is going so very much better these days that I just don’t have the need to write, or vent, or express myself.  I essentially write for a living, as most of my legal practice is appellate in nature, so opening my computer after hours to write a post often feels like a chore.  I don’t get a sense of release from it, and it doesn’t help me process things, really, since I usually rush through it. 

I started the blog because I wanted to be more a part of the online sober community, but I think perhaps I could do that just by reading, and commenting, without maintaining my own blog.  All this is to say that I am still here, and I am still sober, and I’m still grateful for all the support and encouragement I’ve received here.  If I don’t post, however, please assume everything is going fine.  If I stumble or fall, I’m sure I’ll be back here with a renewed sense of purpose.


One thought on “Blogging

  1. I’m so grateful for your blog! It’s really helped me in these early days. But it’s also great to know that not drinking can become a way of life that doesn’t require so damn much energy. Good luck to you!

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