Last night I went to a party for Andrew’s work.  All in all, I’d say it was mostly a success.  I had green tea with dinner at the sushi restaurant beforehand, so I was pretty well-caffeinated.  The bartender at the event made me a delicious mocktail, and I even admitted, when people kept asking me what it was, that it was booze-free.  (I learned my lesson about trying to hide that fact!)  I ended up leaving before Andrew did by about an hour — it was midnight, people were starting to really get down to it, and I was just, you know, done — and he cheerfully took a cab home.  I was grateful to drive home sober, grateful to be home with my tea and book, and grateful to wake up this morning hangover-free.  Again.

To be honest, I had pretty much outgrown the bar scene toward the end of my drinking.  I drank at restaurants, at friends’ houses, and at home, but rarely at bars.  So it’s actually much easier for me to order and drink a mocktail at a bar than it is for me to find and enjoy suitable drink during a fancy dinner.  I guess I’m still working on that one. 

Anyway, just another notch in my sober belt.  I hope all of you are still truckin’ along, too, and collecting sober belt notches of your own.

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